About College

On the 1st of July 2015 the Kremenchuk Flight College has celebrated the 55th anniversary of its foundation. It was found in 1960 as the education institution and was called as Flight School of Civil Air Fleet. In November 1991 the School was included into the system of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. In June 2003 it was renamed into "Flight College". Currently the College is one of the leading state aviation higher educational establishments in Ukraine and has no equal in the training of helicopter crews at all.

Many famous aviators have studied at the Kremenchug Flight School, such as: the cosmonauts A.Leonov, P.Klimouk, V.Aksyonov, the Heroes of Soviet Union A.Gardapkhadze, B.Lyalin, N.Melnik. For a long-term history more than 60 thousand aviation specialists from the Community of Independent States and about 7 thousand citizens from 77 countries (Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Finland, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, India, Mozambique, Peru, Poland, USA etc.) have graduated from the College. There are 14 types of aircrafts (12 types of famous engineering departments of Mil & Kamov, and besides that the superlight Ukrainian helicopter AK1-3) were mastered in the College.

In 2003 the College joined the Unified Educational Methodology System of National Aviation University, and now is its educational and scientific division. Thus, despite of different problems connected with breakup of the USSR, the College develops dynamically and strengthens its training and material base. It allows the expand the range and the volume of education and ensures high-quality training of cadets and students of all profiles.

Nowadays, the Kremenchug Flight College of National Aviation University has accreditation of I-II levels of higher education and according the License AB № 443218 from 02.02.2009 and provides the services in the range of education on the level of the skilled junior specialist and the bachelor, full-time & postal form of education. The graduates of the college are given diploma about graduation from the National Aviation University of the State specimen and Commercia Pilot License (CPL) of International specimen JAR (qualification pilot). The graduates of the college can continue their education in the university to gain the level of the master.

The College is headed by Volodymyr Holovenskiy, who was awarded with Honorary Worker of Air Transport of Ukraine badge and Excellence in Education of Ukraine badge.

The educational process in the College is carried out by the experienced team of academic teachers; more than 40 % of them have a scientific degree, academic rank or the highest category in teaching. Well-trained instructors and commanders, qualified as the first class pilots, conduct the flight training.

The Kremenchug Flight College can admit both the citizens of Ukraine and the foreigners, and besides that persons without citizenship, which are in Ukraine on legal grounds, have corresponding educational (educational qualification) level. The persons who have the level of specialist, could be admitted to the advanced or short courses if they are entered the corresponding profile of training.

The College has the branches of flight-technical and economic qualifications, part-time training, training and conversed training of foreign students and specialists, service practice and hiring, training process organization, accounting and management.