Educational programs

Theoretical training

The theoretical training of the pilots is carries out under the programs of training on initial type: the helicopter Мi-2 and final type: the helicopter Мi-8. The programs correspond to the state standard of education and answer the conditions of multilevel training of the airspecialists. It allows the graduates of the college to continue training in State Flight Academy of Ukraine (Kirovograd) and in other high schools of the air structure. The programs of training can be transformed, taking into account the wish of the customer within the limits of the standard of education. The audiences, educational studies and laboratories of the educational building are equipped, taking into account the specificity of training, with modern means of granting of the information, improvement of practical skills on procedural simulators, stands and means of the control of knowledge including computers. The college prepares to start training of the pilots - amateurs on superlight aircrafts, on the helicopter Мi-2 under the separate programs. The teachers, 90 percents from which have qualification of the specialist of a highest category and experience of work more than 25 years, conduct the training of the specialists.

to look over audiencesFlight training

The flight training of the cadets is carries out on Мi-2 and Мi-8 helicopters. In contrast to the old standards, when practically all the program of the flight training was made in airfield conditions, now, the substantial part of educational flights is combined with industrial one. It allows to earn money and to achieve the very important purpose - operational orientation of training. On graduating at the college the cadet well knows organization, maintenance and performance of industrial flights. On graduating at the college the graduating cadet receives the certificate of the commercial pilot and diploma about the graduation of an average special educational institution. The flight training of the domestic and foreign pilots on Мi-2, Мi-8, Мi-8МТВ, Ка-32, Мi-26Т helicopters is carries out under the programs, which appropriate international standards. The College has the simulators of cabin procedures on Мi-2, Мi-8МТВ, Мi-26Т helicopters and complex simulators on the Мi-8 КТВ Мi-8 helicopter. Very experienced and skilled 1-rate pilots - instructors and commanders conduct the training. Many of them have the experience of flight-methodical work more than 20 years. More than 25 percents of the flight staff of college have the admission to implement the international flights and wide experience of their implementation in Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Burundi and other countries.

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