Our Town

  Kremenchug is a city of the regional submission, administrative and industrial center of Ukraine. The city is situated in a zone of a temperate continental climate on the border of Dnieperside lowland on the coast of Dnieper river. It is on the distance of 115 kilometres from our regional center - Poltava and 290 kilometres from the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. Kremenchug was founded in 1571. Nowadays there are approximately 238 thousand people live in Kremenchug. The main branches of industry are:

  • machine-building & metal-working industry;
  • oil-processing industry;
  • light industry;
  • food industry;
  • building industry.

There are 31 high schools, 6 lyceums & grammar schools, 60 preschool establishments, 5 higher educational institutions functionate in the city. There are 13 stationary and 24 outpatient institutions, which serve the population of our city. The sports and cultural-mass work is at an appropriate level. There are 95 libraries, 6 museums, 8 palaces of culture, 3 music schools and 5 stadiums in the city etc.